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Professional construction methods

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The wood frame

The DUNFAB Canadian wood frame construction system provides good natural ventilation of the structure, allowing the wood to remain dry and thus guarantee the longevity of the building. Protected by its interior and exterior cladding, the wood frame will retain its effectiveness, regardless of the number of years.

Even more advantages

Most importantly, you are sure to save on your heating costs.

Energy efficiency

Manufacturer of wall since 1980, our product stands out strongly thanks to incomparable energy efficiency!

With these walls you benefit from savings on heating costs.

Rigid panels eliminate the problem of thermal bridging through the wood structure and the risk of cracks and settling of the insulation over time. Its resistance factor (R-20) is permanently maintained, ensuring comfort and non-toxicity.

Maisons haute efficacité énergétique

Expanded polystyrene: a thoughtful and intelligent choice!

Developed and tested by BASF in 1951, expanded polystyrene is a rigid, solid and non-toxic insulator. It does not contain any toxic CFC gas such as Freon, which helps destroy the ozone layer.

  • Adapts to all styles of architecture.

  • All woods used by DUNFAB are kiln-dried.

  • Manufactured in the factory under ideal atmospheric conditions, DUNFAB machined walls are excellent value for money.

The most widely used thermal insulation in the world

DUNFAB raises a wall in front of heating costs. An advantageous choice!

  • Expanded polystyrene type 1

  • Rigid insulation that will never sag

  • Molecular structure filled with 98% air

  • Permeable to water vapor

  • Contains no CFCs or HCFCs - 100% recyclable

  • Age will not affect its energy efficiency

  • Significant savings in heating compared to conventional construction

The assembly

Completely assembled in the factory, our walls and floors are delivered in section on your site, thus ensuring a safe transportation and a fast assembly.

For quick installation, DUNFAB machined walls are delivered in panels up to 40 'long.


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