We have the structure that suits you


From the manufactured components, the structure of the building is erected in a few days by our teams of qualified carpenters. Our offer goes through avant-garde methods, ensuring speed and economy for our customers.

At your service since 1975

Dunfab specializes in the manufacture of pre-fabricated houses whatever the model dreamed of! Building the property you dream of is now accessible. Rigorous throughout the process, we guarantee you a construction done faster and better done! A family business that lives up to your expectations.
Prix forfaitaire
Fixed price
Sans imprévu
Without unforeseen
Délai respecté
Deadline respected
Souci du détail assuré
Attention to the detail insured
+ 44 ans. Fondé en 1975
Since 1975
Commission de la Construction du Quebec
Garantie Construction Residentielle