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Françoise & Rémi Fontaine
1st generation

Françoise & Rémi Fontaine1e génération

From 1975 to 2006

Founded in DUNHAM in the province of Quebec, by Françoise & Rémi Fontaine, DUNFAB has been working in the construction industry since 1975. As a general contractor, DUNFAB carried out many "turnkey" projects in the city of GRANBY and surrounding municipalities.

With the goal of differentiating themselves from the competition and building energy-efficient homes, in 1980 the founders acquired the product franchise: Expanded polystyrene insulation used in exterior walls as a replacement for R-20 wool.

Long regarded as innovative and avant-garde, it is still and always this product among others, which distinguishes the company from the competition and makes it famous. Following this acquisition, the company moved to Roxton Pond where it built a small factory for the manufacture of house wall panels.

In 1990, DUNFAB added to its manufacture floor elements that greatly accelerate the assembly of structures in the building site. Recognized for its remarkable quality and speed of construction, DUNFAB is proud to have constantly evolved and kept abreast of the market and demand.

L'exportation d'un savoir-faire...

In Switzerland from 1995 to 2003

The export of know-how ...

In November 1994 ... A wind of change blows over the company ... Invaded by the challenges of promoting its Canadian wood frame construction system on the European continent, the efforts of the DUNFAB team are crowned by a first export to Switzerland from beginning of 1995.

Without drums or trumpets, the Fontaine family moved to Switzerland and surrounded themselves with collaborators with the same goal. The collaboration of municipalities, architects and local subcontractors has made it possible to build around 50 turnkey villas in 5 cantons. After an absence of 8 years, the members of the Fontaine family decide to return to their homes in Quebec.

Switzerland will remain forever in our hearts!

We would like to thank our Swiss and French customers for the warm welcome and trust they have given us. The villas built by our family will leave a trace of our passage in your beautiful country. These houses will go back in time, demonstrating the quality of construction and longevity of the "DUNFAB Canadian Wood Frame Houses".


Pierre Fontaine & Maryse Baril
1st generation

Pierre Fontaine & Maryse Baril2e génération

From 2007 to today

It was in 2007 that the torch was officially passed to the 2nd generation.

It was the same year that we expanded and renovated Dunfab's offices, which have always been located in Roxton Pond near Granby for almost 40 years!

But the big change was in 2011. The year we made the decision to move the production plant to brand new premises, again in the municipality of Roxton Pond.

We did not have a choice because the volume of the panels we manufacture always wants bigger and bigger! Since that day, it goes without saying that each year we have increased the number of customers served! And at the same time create new jobs.

We dream of a solidly established company whose primary goal is customer satisfaction.

Treat our guests as if they were members of our family! It is the well being that we want for each of them. From the conception of the plans to the assembly in building site, we wish your satisfaction!

It is important for us that the name Dunfab is synonymous with quality and good reputation. This name represents us and we are proud of it.

The attention to detail and the desire to do things right make us stay focused on a local market. We install everything we manufacture and that is the key to our success.

Like our successors, we want to perpetuate our know-how. It is in this thought that we have in 2016, next to our team as co-owner Mr. Yannick Leclerc who will work and prepare with us the 3rd generation already in place.

The success of Dunfab Homes comes from teamwork. It is important that every person working in our company has a sense of belonging and pride. Together we form a company that wants to be family.

Thank you all, old and future customers who have and will trust us and our work.

We are proud to be part of your project!

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